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Car Detailing Services for the Eugene / Springfield area

Cascade Pro Detailing is a Eugene-based company that strives to be the leader in the proper care of your vehicle. We specialize in ceramic coatings on new and used vehicles, as well as offer basic interior and exterior services to keep your vehicle looking its best. Cars, trucks, boats, and your oddball vehicles, we do it all. With 5 years of knowledge in the detailing industry, combined with high standards of Grade A work, Cascade Pro Detailing reaches new heights and sets the expectation of what it means to be a successful detailing company.

Ceramic Coatings

This is the ultimate spa experience for the exterior of your vehicle. Each surface is detailed, corrected, and then protected with a ceramic coating from Pearl Nano. This coating is a “9H” coating that superiorly protects your vehicle for years, without the need to wax. With proper maintenance, the coating can last 3 years.

New Car Protection Package
(for vehicles 1,000 miles or under)

Thorough washing of the new car to ensure there are no imperfections. Topped with a 3 year ceramic coating.

Revitalization Package
(For vehicles over 1,000 Miles)

Full paint correction, water spot removal, and detailing of the exterior of the vehicle. Designed to remove years of wear and tear to leave a perfect surface for our coating. Topped with a 3 year ceramic coating.


Wash & Wax

Using soft fabrics, we give your car a deep shampoo and ensure all surfaces are cleaned of bugs and dirt. Rims and wheels cleaned and detailed as well. A layer of wax is applied for shine and gloss of the paint.

One-Step Polish & Sealant

Light surfaces scratches and blemishes removed with a light compound. Topped with a 6-month sealant for protection and gloss. If there is heavy oxidation, water spots, or scratches, refer to the two-step polish.

Two-Step Polish & Sealant

Removal of deep scratches that haven’t fully gone into the paint. Removal of heavy oxidation and water spots. This is as close to a fresh layer of paint as possible on your vehicle. Topped with a 6-month sealant for protection and gloss.

Hand Wash & Dry

Using soft fabrics, we give your car a deep shampoo and ensure all surfaces are cleaned of bugs and dirt. Rims and wheels cleaned and detailed as well. 


Headlight Restoration
Restore cloudy and yellowing headlight lens to a clear look. Restoration topped with a 3yr ceramic coating to ensure the lens stays clear.

Tree Sap Removal –  Careful removal of tree sap while protecting the paint. 

Overspray/Road Paint Removal –  Careful removal of any overspray/road paint that is on the vehicle.

Ceramic Coating – Windows Only
Polish away water spots and other blemishes of the glass. Topped with a 1-year ceramic coating for optimal hydrophobic protection and glossy look.

Engine Bay Detail
Clean and remove dirt and debris from the engine bay


Basic Interior

Your basic clean up for a vehicle. Ensures all crevices are cleaned and dirt/debris removed. Includes: Vacuum, steam cleaning,  interior wipedown, windows 

Deep Clean Interior

Deeper cleaning for especially dirty vehicles. This includes stain removal and a full vehicle shampoo. Includes: Vacuum, interior wipedown, steam cleaning, window cleaning, shampoo.


Pet hair/sand removal – based on vehicle condition

Interior Removal – In extreme conditions we may need to remove the seats to ensure a proper cleaning.

Odor Removal – Use of an ozone generator to remove unwanted odor. Can be added onto the deep clean interior service.

November 15, 2022.
We have used Cascade Pro Detailing for two vehicles so far. One vehicle had the Ceramic Coating service and the other one a complete interior detail and exterior wash and wax. Jonathan and Soren are very professional and customer-focused. They’re both excellent to work with and their team works very quickly on a variety of detailing jobs. Highly recommended!!
Jonathan Fechtel
Jonathan Fechtel
November 14, 2022.
Had our new Subaru ceramic coated and they did an excellent job!
Bryon Boyd
Bryon Boyd
October 30, 2022.
Awesome service all around. Great results and highly recommend! Always professional and exceptional quality service!
Sarah Brantner
Sarah Brantner
October 28, 2022.
Amazing experience with Cascade Pro Detailing! The inside of my car had lemonade spilled all over and was dirty from daily kid driving. They made it look better than new. No more mud in the seats, lemonade in the console or grime on the windows. The interior looked flawless and smelled so good. The exterior hand wash was fantastic. Will be coming back for sure!
Shana Harwood
Shana Harwood
October 5, 2022.
Excellent job hand washing and waxing my 2017 Mazda CX5. Very pleased with the service and the professionalism!
Shiloh Powers
Shiloh Powers
September 22, 2022.
Cascade Pro Detailing did an amazing job on my old car. I have had it since 2005 and never really did a through cleaning on the inside so it really needed it. When I picked it up it honestly looks like a brand new car! Thank you so much to the team at Cascade!
Jason Gerber
Jason Gerber
September 19, 2022.
Cascade Pro Detailing does an amazing job and very professional! The services we've received for our business and personal include just a wash, full details, and ceramic coating. I think the pricing is very competitive and worth every penny!
Sherry Vick
Sherry Vick
September 10, 2022.
Jonathan and his assistant did a wonderful job on my 2019 Subaru. I hadn’t had it detailed in two years so it was way past due for some pampering. My car looks brand new again! Spotless, inside and out. Things that others miss, like dust on the vents and in the cup holders, Jonathan found and shined them up. They even went over and above to get big globs of dried tree sap off of the paint and windows, I had tried myself but couldn’t do it. I highly recommend Cascade Pro Detailing, their attention to all those small details is many steps above others. Thanks, Jonathan!!! Sherry Vick August 2022.
Emily Secord
Emily Secord
August 31, 2022.
Cascade Pro Detailing did an amazing job on my car again! I could not be happier with their attention to detail, excellent customer service and all around great work. Happy repeat customer, looking forward to working with them again!
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson
July 10, 2022.
Johnathan was very professional and a pleasure to do business with. He brought a new life back to my wife’s 2013 Challenger and she was even excited about driving it to work the next day. Thanks again Johnathan. See you next time…


Contact us if you have questions. To set up an appointment, please schedule online or give us a call. We’re located on Stephens Dr in Eugene, and we can also arrange an onsite detailing where you are for an additional fee. Please note, there will be a 3% charge for credit/debit card purchases due to the service fee from card processors.




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