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Interior, Exterior & Ceramic Coating

Car Detailing Services for the Eugene / Springfield area

Cascade Pro Detailing is a Eugene-based company that strives to be the leader in paint protection, correction, and overall thorough detailing of all vehicles in the Lane County area. From basic interior and exterior details, all the way up to ceramic coatings, we have you covered. Cars, trucks, boats, and your oddball vehicles, we do it all. With 5 years of knowledge in the detailing industry, combined with high standards of Grade A work, Cascade Pro Detailing reaches new heights and sets the expectation of what it means to be a successful detailing company.

Ceramic Coatings

This is the ultimate spa experience for the exterior of your vehicle. Each surface is detailed, corrected, and then protected with a ceramic coating from Pearl Nano. This coating is a “9H” coating that superiorly protects your vehicle for years, without the need to wax. With proper maintenance, the coating can last from 3-5 years.

New Car Protection Package
(for vehicles 1,000 miles or under)

Coupe/Sedan – $800
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $900
Full-size SUV/Truck – $1000

Revitalization Package
(For vehicles over 1,000 Miles)

Coupe/Sedan – $1,250
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $1,500
Full-size SUV/Truck – $1,750


Wash & Wax

Using soft fabrics, we give your car a deep shampoo and ensure all surfaces are cleaned of bugs and dirt. Rims and wheels cleaned and detailed as well. A layer of wax is applied for shine and gloss of the paint.
Coupe/Sedan – $100
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $125
Full-size SUV/Truck – $150

One-Step Polish & Sealant

Light surfaces scratches and blemishes removed with a light compound. Topped with a 6-month sealant for protection and gloss. If there is heavy oxidation, water spots, or scratches, refer to the two-step polish.
Coupe/Sedan – $300
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $400
Full-size SUV/Truck – $500

Two-Step Polish & Sealant

Removal of deep scratches that haven’t fully gone into the paint. Removal of heavy oxidation and water spots. This is as close to a fresh layer of paint as possible on your vehicle. Topped with a 6-month sealant for protection and gloss.
Coupe/Sedan – $500
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $600
Full-size SUV/Truck – $700

Hand Wash & Dry

Using soft fabrics, we give your car a deep shampoo and ensure all surfaces are cleaned of bugs and dirt. Rims and wheels cleaned and detailed as well. 

Coupe/Sedan – $40
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $50
Full-size SUV/Truck – $60


Headlight Restoration – $100
Restore cloudy and yellowing headlight lens to a clear look. Restoration topped with a 3yr ceramic coating to ensure the clear lens stays.

Tree Sap Removal – Starting at $50. Charge based on vehicle condition. 

Overspray/Road Paint Removal – Starting at $50. Charge based on vehicle condition.

Ceramic Coating – Windows Only – $200
Polish away water spots and other blemishes of the glass. Topped with a 1-year sealant for optimal hydrophobic protection and glossy look.

Engine Bay Detail – $50
Clean and remove dirt and debris from the engine bay


Basic Interior

Your basic clean up for a vehicle. Ensures all crevices are cleaned and dirt/debris removed. Includes: Vacuum, steam cleaning,  interior wipedown, windows 

Coupe/Sedan – $150   
Midsize SUV/Crossover – $175 
  Full-Size SUV/Truck – $200

Deep Clean Interior

Deeper cleaning for especially dirty vehicles. This includes stain removal and a full vehicle shampoo. Includes: Vacuum, interior wipedown, steam cleaning, window cleaning, shampoo.

Coupe/Sedan – $225*
Mid-size SUV/Crossover – $275*
Full-size SUV/Truck – $325*

*Add odor elimination for $50. Treatment with an ozone machine to remove (not just mask) odors. 


Pet hair/sand removal – Starts at $75 , based on vehicle condition

Interior Removal – In extreme conditions we may need to remove the seats to ensure a proper cleaning. – $100 

Celestia Linnea
Celestia Linnea
May 8, 2022.
Pretty lit
Meghan Fahey
Meghan Fahey
May 3, 2022.
I was selling my 14 year old car that had never been deep cleaned inside and they made it look brand new! I was amazed at the difference in the before and after. The car looked beautiful and ready to go to it’s new home. Definitely the best experience and I would highly recommend coming here for any detailing you need!
Makayla Fior
Makayla Fior
April 22, 2022.
My car had been neglected for a while, and miss/mold had grown all over the left-side. Couple that with a new toddler being messy inside... and my car needed WORK. Very friendly and accommodating, with great results!
Sabina Sexton
Sabina Sexton
February 22, 2022.
Scheduled for Ceramic Coating on my husband's truck. When the truck was done it looked like a brand new truck, the truck is 8 years old. Very impressed with Jonathan's professional and pride in every detail of his work.
Tina Fisher
Tina Fisher
February 18, 2022.
Jonathan made my car look new again. He removed some toddler stains, dog hair, and returned the floor mats to showroom quality! Will definitely use him again.
Aubrey McAlexander
Aubrey McAlexander
February 10, 2022.
Super friendly service- even came and picked up my car while I was at work! It came back to me looking better than when I first bought it!
Beth Atkerson
Beth Atkerson
December 6, 2021.
Jonathan is so good at what he does he makes my car look like a teenager doesn’t borrow it often! We bought brand new and have been taking it to him monthly since and it still feels like getting into a brand new car a year later! You will not regret investing in your vehicle by taking it to see him! The value is amazing for the services rendered and the quality is best I’ve experienced! Highly recommend!
christopher jarvis
christopher jarvis
November 27, 2021.
Jonathan's Auto Detailing was a great experience! It was professional, courteous and excellent attention to detail. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking for quality work.


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